Bridget Starling Rogers

Love, Love these shears!  They have been so comfortable to cut with. They point cut like a dream. Plus I love the style. Thank you Point Cut Pro!!

Brittany Blankenship

I absolutely love my new shears! They are the best shears that I've ever purchased. Thank you Jason for your awesome customer service.
I highly recommend Point-Cut Pro
Joyce Schimmel Pratt
I have been looking at these shears on Facebook for bout a year or so.. I finally purchased a pair and I Absolutely Love them!!! I highly recommended them to anyone that point cuts on hair, No more battle scars..
I can’t Thank you enough for selling me a pair!! Thank you again!!!!!!
Julie Wright  
I’m loving my new shears! They are so comfortable and I’m loving the ease of point cutting! Thanks so much for the awesome customer service!
Leigh Ann Parrish  
I absolutely LOVE my shears so much that I just bought my second pair. Even though they are incredibly sharp, the design has prevented many knicks and cuts to my fingers. I can't say enough good things about these shears!
Elaine Boyd  
I love love love my shears!!!! I no longer have to worry about cutting my fingers or my clients skin! and I look stylish while doing it with the bedazzled balls on the shears!!! great affordable prices!!! Jason does an excellent job!!!! would not trust anyone else with my shears from now on!!! he is the best!!!!! great customer service!!! would highly reccomend for all stylist or barber shear needs!!!!
Jordan Pruitt  
I have had a pair of point cut pro shears for about a year now, and I absolutely love them! It's hard as a lefty to find a good pair of shears as it is, especially a specialty pair that keeps me from cutting myself. I can point cut easily, efficiently, and most importantly SAFELY! Jason's customer service is also out of this world. He has been so quick to help with any questions and is super friendly!
Give point cut pro a try, you won't regret it!
Amy Swallow 
I have been cutting hair for.....quite a while, so you would think I should no longer be nicking myself and cutting little "v" 's in my knuckles... Wrong! I have to cut with a 5" shear for my little chubby fingers, so I sneak up on my knuckle really fast, 1 to 1 1/2 snip and that is it. I have little ones, who have quite the ninja moves, and cat like reflexes to noises in the building.... I also have clients who talk with their hands, their heads, and full body gestures while all the while, I try to keep an eye out for my knuckles that are quite traumatized from all the years past! So, when I saw this video, about 3 weeks ago, it took me I think less than 36 hours to make my 1st purchase, and less than 24hours to be working with. Just in the nick of time for the Holiday Rush!! Pure Genius.... 
Amanda Morris 
We love our point cut pro shears! We here at Great Ambitions School of Cosmetology use them all the time .
They are great for all haircuts not just point cutting!
Tiphanie Shereck  
I’ve never purchased high end shears before until my mom got me some of these for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier... Jason has done everything to make sure I got the perfect shears and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Perfect customer service from him. Thank you so much
Lana Cheryl Brittain  
I absolutely love Point -Cut Pro! Jason is extremely helpful in recommending the right shears for me. I would recommend them to anyone.Thank you Point-cut Pro!
Mirta Rodriguez  
I bought my shears a few years ago and absolutely love them. I haven't cut myself point cutting since I bought them. I do 20 to 30 haircuts a day and these scissors have made it easier. The warranty service is efficient and expedient. I sent my scissors in for sharpening on Wednesday and got them back by Monday.
Thanks Jason.. Satisfied customer for life
Jill Qualls  
These shears are the absolute BEST!
I’ve been using them for about 8 years now and would never use anything else!
I cannot say enough about them....Jason also takes care of sharpening mine for me and is the only one that can do this correctly! If you have not tried these out yet you are missing out on the latest and greatest.