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Point-Cut Pro

Queen "Eye of the Dragon"

Queen "Eye of the Dragon"

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Queen "Eye of the Dragon"  Guide shears are hand finished from Japanese 440C stainless steel, featuring  *patented guide tips-removable stainless steel dragon eyes. Experience the best in comfort and style with an ergonomic handle design, gemstone hand adjustable tension dial and a Rockwell Hardness of 61-62. "World Class" precision performance. 

Queen "Eye of the Dragon" Shears are a must-have for professionals who desire advanced point-cutting and micro point-cutting techniques.

  • Guide Tips: Our shears come equipped with engineered guide tips that make it easier to execute advanced cutting techniques.
  • Advanced Point-Cutting: Achieve precision cuts with our shears, designed to cater to those who prefer advanced cutting techniques that require a steady hand and sharp blades.
  • Micro Point-Cutting: Create intricate designs or trim delicate areas with ease using our micro point-cutting feature, ideal for achieving the perfect look down to the smallest detail.

The Queen "Eye of the Dragon" Shears combine artisanal design with precise craftsmanship to bring you a hair trimming experience like no other.

  • Artisanal Design: The shears feature a unique "Dragon Eye" design that is both elegant and fierce, making them not just functional but also visually   stunning.
  • Precise Craftsmanship: The blades are crafted with precision to ensure clean and accurate cuts every time.

Whether you're a seasoned professional hairstylist or just getting started the Queen "Eye of the Dragon" Shears are the perfect choice.  Designed specifically for those in need of a high-quality cutting tool, from their durable construction to their sharp blades, these shears will help you achieve professional-looking hairstyles every time you use them. Get your hands on these superb shears today!

Add them to your collection today and experience the difference for yourself!

 *guide tips engineered for advanced point-cutting & micro point-cutting techniques    


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