Diversify your Cutting Tool Collection

PointCutPro i360 Guide Tip Shears challenge all preconceptions about what to expect from a high end hair cutting shear.  Patented, Designed and Engineered for advanced point-cutting & micro point-cutting techniques.  PointCutPro i360 Guide Tip Shears are a true "Game Changer"...

Love, Love these shears!

They have been so comfortable to cut with. They point cut like a dream. Plus I love the style.

Thank you Point Cut Pro!!

Bridget Starling Rogers

Great shears and fantastic customer service! Really enjoy my new shears:)

Bee Sam

I have been cutting hair for.....quite a while, so you would think I should no longer be nicking myself and cutting little "v" 's in my knuckles... Wrong! I am {my knuckles} are extremely grateful for the making of these shears!! Thank You Jason and team!! 

Amy Swallow

I have yet to cut myself with these. I love using them for a men's scissor cuts and I can cut faster with these then my regular shears.  This Is a great company and a great shear! Thank you Jason!

Aubrey Peck

I have had a pair of point cut pro shears for about a year now, and I absolutely love them! I can point cut easily, efficiently, and most importantly SAFELY! Jason's customer service is also out of this world. He has been so quick to help with any questions and is super friendly! Give point cut pro a try, you won't regret it! 


Jordan Pruitt


If you don't love your new Point-Cut Pro shears as much as we do...then get your money back...